Apetamin Weight Gain Syrup – 2 Week Plan.

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Don’t stunt your weight gain by running out of products purchase our 2-week apetamin weight gain plan and see how well your body transforms.

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Apetamin Syrup – 2 Week Plan

Save big on apetamin weight gain and appetite stimulator vitamin syrup. Shop 2 bottles of apetamin at the lowest price in UAE. Enjoy a good and healthy body with Apetamin, which contains Cyproheptadine, Lysine and Vitamins A, B-12, C and E. Cyproheptadine and lysine being essential in restricting amino acid helps in promoting appetite. It helps gain weight faster within 1 week or 2 weeks of initial use.


May cause drowsiness in some individuals when first taking Apetamin, however, lasts about 1 or 2 days only.

Choose your gain plan. If taken 3 times a day as advised, each bottle should last you for 1 week.

Short Expiry 30 Nov 2022

1 Week Plan – One Bottle

3 Week Plan – Three Bottles

Apetamin Weight Gain Syrup Key Features

  • Stimulates appetite
  • Improves overall health
  • Makes you gain weight faster
  • Enhances curves in females
  • Build your muscles
  • Makes you eat more

Apetamin Syrup Dosage

Children(2-6 years): 5ml, 2 to 3 times daily before food and 7-14 years: 10ml, 2 to 3 times daily before food.

Adults: 10ml, 3 times daily before food.

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